Type : RS 702

  • Visual LED indication on top of keypad for Power (green), Call Signal (amber), and Talk Latch (green)
  • Tactile buttons for Call and Talk
  • Recessed rotary control for Volume with end stops for 270° rotation range
  • Concealed, programmable DIP Switches for Latch Talk on Channels A/B, Talk with Call, LEDs Off, Mic Gain, Mic Type, HP Level Off, Min Volume and Call-on Talk
  • Fully compatible with current and previous models of Clear-Com analog partyline systems
  • Low operating current for more beltpack chaining
  • Rugged and strong construction
  • “Clear-Com Sound” for intelligible audio
  • Program Audio thumbwheel adjustment
  • XLR-6 line connectors for 2-Channel + Program Audio