CMOS sensor weight balanced advanced shoulder camcorder

Type : PXW-Z450

  • Shooting in 4K and HD
  • Versatile B4 ENG Lens Options
  • Low power and ergonomic design
  • Connectivity features include built-in wireless module, RJ-45 Ethernet 100B-T connection and NFC function
  • for easy Wireless LAN set-up
  • High quality recordings in 4K QFHD and HD
  • High sensitivity image making
  • Discover Optimized Weight Balance
  • Supports Full HD OLED viewfinders
  • One-touch wireless LAN connection
  • Embedded RJ-45 connector
  • Built-in wireless module with Content Browser Mobile
  • Easy network connection
  • Records a second camera’s feed via SDI
  • Lower power consumption